I firstly want to start off by saying that I am no expert when it comes to English literature and that I will get things wrong a few times. Please just bare with me.   Anyway, Hello! My name is Chloe, I’m assuming whoever reads this to start off with will know because I will have told them to read this, but incase someone new sees, hi! This first post may be a tad long but I am a rambler and like to get EVERYTHING across!! For so long now I have wanted to start a blog but have never really known how (I’m not good with technology) I am not even sure this will work but let’s see! 

One of the reasons I’ve wanted to start a blog is because I’m an open person, I will talk about anything and everything, that sometimes not everyone wants to hear, so in that case this is here for whoever does! I have no idea how many times I will post a week to begin with, I’m just seeing how it goes. 

Another main reason I wanted to start a blog is because of the title “The journey to a new life” I am soon to become an amputee of the right leg (below knee) due to my own choice and wanted to blog my experience. I found it difficult to find someone who has gone through it step by step and was open enough to share their story, so I’ve decided to be that person for any of those who in future needed some guidance like I did. I will explain the whole situation about my amputation in the next post as its a rather long story! 

Hopefully my entire blog won’t just be about my leg but life in general and I’m excited to see where this leads! 

If you’re still reading this now, well done you’ve made it through the first post, lucky for you its finishing. Thank you for reading!

Chloe, x


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