Hi everyone! I want to begin by saying thank you to everyone and anyone who has had a quick read or even signed up to read my blog. The amount of love and support I received after posting my second post was so unexpected and overwhelming and I am grateful for all of your kind words!! I knew I had some people beside me through this journey but I did not expect as many after the post, so again thank you!
This blog post is probably the one I’ve been wanting to write the most and I didn’t think I’d get to write it this quickly. After months of impatiently waiting I have a date for my operation! 
Yesterday I had a text from my mum telling me to ring her when I was on my lunch break at work. The first thoughts, which are always the same with texts like that from her, were “what have I done?” Anyway to prepare for the trouble I was possibly getting into I decided to go and stuff my face with my friend Emily at McDonald’s as I thought I may be staying in my bedroom for a while. Eventually she rang me and asked me if I was sitting down which confused me because I don’t understand simple things like that! She then told me she’d had a call from the hospital and that we’d got a date, 31st of January. Even now, I don’t think myself and Emily could even describe how happy I was. I must have looked like the biggest weirdo holding onto Emilys hand whilst on the phone nearly in tears that in 11 days I was finally having my amputation. I’m sure anyone around us at the time must have thought we were insane to be laughing and being so genuinely happy that I was having my leg amputated!! I had my pre-op appointment already booked for today (20th January) so was hoping to be told then. Going back to work after lunch and finally being able to tell them all was the best feeling. They’ve all been incredibly supportive. Although I’ve not been there that long and I’m only an apprentice they treat me exactly the same, I also think it was a relief to them to know a date as they are all aware of how desperate I am for this operation and how much I wanted to know a date! I’m going to miss them all whilst I’m recovering but it does mean that I’ll get to stay there a bit longer to do my entire apprenticeship, so sorry girls you’re stuck with me a bit longer! 
I’m currently writing this whilst on my way back from Sheffield, after my pre-op that all went lovely. It’s so weird to think this is my last journey back from Sheffield with 2 of my own legs and that next time it will all be done.

Today we got told a bit more about my operation (the aftercare and the procedure) and had to go through a few questions and that’s it now. All appointments for planning are done! No more waiting around, the next time I’ll be there will be my operation day! I can honestly say it’s the best feeling to have waited for something for so long and it finally be just around the corner! 

I am fully aware that this operation may be no miracle cure and I could land myself in more pain or the same amount of pain I’m in now but it’s a 50/50 chance that I’m willing to take. I have prepared myself for the different outcomes there may be. 
Again, I want to thank everyone who takes time out to read my blog posts and support me as I go through this journey! 

The next post will more than likely be after the operation, maybe before depending on what happens between now and then! 

Chloe, x


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