Hello guys!
Most of you will already know that I am finally home!! After what was suppose to be a 2 week stay I managed to escape the hospital in 4 days! It’s been less than a week since my amputation and I’m sat in my own bed with teen wolf on as if nothing ever happened! 
Motivation was key. My last couple of stays in hospital I was never motivated because I never wanted the operations in the first place but this amputation was my choice and I was determined to get out, do my Physio and get better! 
On the Thursday I was visited by my bestest friend since birth, Jae and her mum Nicola which was so lovely because although I love my mum and dad to pieces it was nice to see some other faces that I knew and loved! 

Me and Jae always have a cuppa and a catch up when we see each other, we don’t get to see each other that often but when we do we’re still as close as ever and the longer we leave it the more we have to tell each other! So when she came up we did just that! It was so nice to have some normality back in my life 

I was then surprised a few hours later by The Emilys! They sound like a duo act but they’re literally just two of my best mates called Emily! They had blocked me on snapchat so they could post pictures of their journey to me without me knowing. I had thought that one of them were coming the week after but the sneaky gits surprised me with flowers and a bag full of food! (The way to my heart)

After seeing my friends it made me more focused on wanting to get out, whilst talking to both the Emilys my Physio session began, she wanted me to start with simple exercises but after doing that I asked if I could stand (this was something I had not yet done due to all the wires and drips in me) I’m so glad she said yes because after I was stood up the rest came naturally. Next day I was up and down the stairs on my bum, hopping on crutches and ready to go home! My mum insisted that I stayed in hospital that night because my morphine drip had only came out that day and she didn’t know how the pain was going to be. 
I cannot believe how lucky I am that since the amputation my pain out of 1-10, 1 being nothing and 10 being OMG I want to die sort of pain, I’ve stayed at 2. I’ve had no pain since the operation which makes me feel confident that I made the right decision. I couldn’t be happier! 
I’m also so so blessed to have the amazing support I’ve had and continue to have from my friends and family and now more people who have read my blog! I didn’t know how far my blog would travel but after looking back I’ve found out its made its way around the world to places such as America, Italy, Chile, Slovakia and even China! I was also lucky enough to be messaged by my local MP Andrew Griffiths who had come across my blog! 
Since being home, things have changed (obviously) but it’s been so easy to adapt too(besides wanting to stand up out of bed and realising I can’t or I’ll fall!) The best change is seeing my mum so happy. I think since we’ve been home I’ve seen her laugh more than ever which makes me happy! 
So overall I am one lucky girl! I hope the rest of my journey is as bright as what it’s been so far!
Thank you, if you’re still reading! 
P.S. I’ve been told to say that Emily is amazing and everyone should love her! 


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