I’ve been so excited to write this blog post, keeping it until now to share has been hard but the majority of people already know now. I have my prosthetic leg!! 

I went to my physio session on Wednesday 12th April, my 18th birthday and came away with 2 legs instead of 1! The best birthday present to receive! I’ve been working hard in my physio sessions to make sure that I could have it for this week. My goal seemed unrealistic with it being so soon since first trying the leg but it’s home! 
I kept from sharing this news until after I had my party because I wanted to surprise my family and friends. Some friends I couldn’t keep it a secret from and was dying to show them but it was still a nice surprise for the people who came to my party. 
I haven’t quite mastered the dancing with the prosthetic leg so my dancing consisted of standing in one place and just moving my top half but I still had an amazing time. I’m finally getting up and about again! 
In my physio sessions I managed to go from bars to frame to sticks in just one session! Since then I have conquered my fear of walking on uneven surfaces such as grass and gravel. This was something I’d been a bit unsure of. I’ve never been able to walk on uneven surfaces before just because my foot wasn’t able to move to help me stay upright, it was a difficult one. Trying it with my prosthetic leg though was amazing, it felt so easy and normal to not avoid grass and still have a conversation whilst doing so because I didn’t have to concentrate so much.
There’s still a long way to go yet but I’m making progress very quickly and hope that it won’t be too long. I don’t want to rush anything and know that things take time and things have to be paced but it’s still a long way from where I was, as long as I’m moving forward that’s what matters.
I also got to enjoy my first night down town with my friends this weekend which was something I was unsure I’d be able to do so soon and feel so comfortable doing it. A couple of people look which is expected but besides that I just felt like a normal 18 year old enjoying a night out with her friends. It was also nice to see some people I hadn’t seen for a while.
This week has been a good week for me in a long time. I’ve been around all the people I love and had the best present. My family and friends have spoilt me and helped make my week an amazing one, which I couldn’t be more grateful for! 
Chloe x


2 thoughts on “The next step forward

  1. Chloe, you really are a true inspiration and watching you enjoy your party with your friends and amazing family bought a tear to my eye!!
    Your a very special young lady and I’m so pleased I got to see you on your special night.
    Zoe xx

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