Getting on with it

Getting on with it

I’m not too sure really on how to begin this blog, I feel as though I’ve not wrote in a while just because like the title says I’ve been “getting on with it”. Since taking my prosthetic leg home I’ve just been adapting to what now is my life. 

I am now back at work, on a phase return and couldn’t be happier to have some normality back in my life. The first day was hard, I felt a bag of nerves feeling like it was my first day at a new job but knowing everything I needed to do and I was certainly not a newbie! As it got to the end of my shift I started to feel okay again, I’d had such a long time off not really talking to many new people that I just didn’t feel comfortable to do so, but I did it. Now when I’m at work I feel as though I’ve never been away, my confidence in talking to people is back and like I’ve said before it’s that little bit of normality back in my life that I needed. 
Since turning 18 I’ve also been able to live the life of a normal 18 year old when it comes to going down town with friends. I’ve not really stopped to be honest! When I first had my operation and even before I didn’t think I’d be able to go out so soon but I’m so grateful that things have worked out in my favour and that I’ve been able to go out. My first thoughts on going down town were that I wouldn’t be able to do it or enjoy myself as much as I wanted too, it would be too busy and people wouldn’t understand, I was completely wrong. Although it is a busy environment to be in ,everyone I see is always so lovely to me and no matter how drunk they are, completely understandable. Obviously you get the odd one or two that look at you differently or shove about but it’s expected. I must get at least 5/6 people every time I go out come and ask me what I’ve done to my leg or come and say how they admire me for going out. I like the people who do have it in them to come and speak to me, it’s nice that they can speak to me and judge me on what they know than guess and judge me based on what they can see. 

Another thing I never expected so quickly and won’t go too much into is someone being interested in me. I’m still young so the whole dating and talking to boys thing is still something that I’m getting used to. I didn’t think it would be easy to find someone who would be interested whilst I go through this change. Especially at my age, you have to find someone mature to understand and be okay with it. However finding someone who can accept you for who you are and the massive change,you’re still accepting yourself is such a good feeling. I’ve had one person in particular who will more than likely read this and tell me off for mentioning him who has been a real help in keeping my confidence up and making me feel normal in a very bizarre situation. I couldn’t be more grateful and he knows that. 
My family and friends are still major supportive and so patient. Pushing me on to keep going, at the moment it’s felt like I’ve been in a bit of a pit. Just stuck with no more progression or major events to keep me going but after speaking and opening up to them I feel better about getting the motivation back to keep going. 

Also thought I would try and reenact some photos from when I first had my amputation to now, as a bit of a reflection on how far I’ve come 

Chloe x