A year later

Isn’t it crazy how quickly time goes? I can’t believe that today marks a year since my amputation! It’s not been the easiest of journeys so far but it’s one that’s taught me a lot about myself.

So a year ago today I went through with the biggest choice of my life. After being in the amount of pain I was in for so long I didn’t really see any other option so having the amputation wasn’t such a big deal to me. However, looking back now I see what a huge decision it was and I’m proud of myself for making that decision for ME.

I feel very lucky that when it comes down to phantom pains I only suffered for 3 days. I know some people 20-30 years on still suffering with phantom pains so I couldn’t be more grateful with the way it’s turned out for me. Im always getting phantom sensations but those I don’t mind, it’s like I’m always wiggling my toes because I can feel them, even if they’re not there. People find it strange when I tell them that but I honestly love it!

I was able to take home my first prosthetic leg on my 18th Birthday and even go down town with it that same weekend! Although I’ve not been as lucky when it comes down to prosthetic legs I’ve still enjoyed and been thankful for every minute that they have agreed with me! I’ve very briefly been able to go out and do the things I wanted and finally feel that little bit of normality come back to me. I’ve been able to buy my first pair of the same size shoes and for them to fit both feet for once! It’s the little things like that I get happy about.

Obviously the year hasn’t been all so straightforward, in the summer I was unfortunate enough to get an infection in my stump which called for my first time in an ambulance and then a second time and another small operation. I apparently was septic which is life threatening so I was rushed in to drain all the rubbish from my leg. It was just a blur to me, I didn’t realise the seriousness of it until I spoke to mum afterwards. A few months down the line once everything was settled I was hit again with another infection but luckily we caught this one early so it was a case of antibiotics and rest!

After the infections it had kind of ruined my scar tissue in my stump that was protecting my bone, which was now sticking out an awful lot making it impossible to get a prosthetic that wouldn’t cause me pain, so in the December just a couple days before Christmas I had another operation to take off, another, 2cm from my leg and neaten a scar that I had from another surgery. I’m still in recovery from that and I’m hoping tomorrow will be the day I get my prosthetic leg.

I may not be where I had planned to be a year on but you never know what’s going to happen. I am extremely grateful to my friends and family for supporting me everyday I’d honestly be lost without them. I am looking forward to the day that I finally get to where I want to be, being able to walk without support and to be happy!



A New Year A New Chapter.

Hi guys! Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly looking back I haven’t wrote a blog post in a very long time as I was distracted by life(that’s definitely an excuse, I’m just lazy) but I’m back and this time going to try and do regular posts and updates. I think with being and amputee there is only so much you can write before it sounds too repetitive or nothing happens for a while then all at once so I’m hoping I can base my blogs more on the things I do and achieve rather than updates of what’s happening with my leg.

However as it’s been a while this post will be a bit of an update of where I am right now and what’s happening.

So starting where I left off I was recovering from an infection that had made me quite poorly, eventually that went and I was back up on my feet again, only to find out a couple of months later the infection was back and I was back off my feet AGAIN (luckily we caught it earlier this time so it wasn’t as bad!) after the infection had gone I was fitted for a new prosthesis but this time they wanted to try something different, it seemed to work for a bit but at the same time my doctor was wanting to talk about another operation so I think I must have had this leg for about 2/3 weeks before I was back up to my Hospital in Sheffield to talk about another operation. The problem was old scar tissue. After having many operations before, one of my scars had attached itself to my bone which is where I was meant to be taking all of my weight but obviously couldn’t, which meant I was taking all the weight through the bottom of my stump which I shouldn’t have done ,hence the recurring infections and uncomfortable fittings. My appointment was on a Wednesday and by Thursday the next week I was in surgery. They took another 2cm from my stump and sorted out my scar and it seems to be healing nicely! The operation took place the week before Christmas so that was my Christmas partying out the window! I am, however, glad I had it done sooner rather than later, I have a goal to be up by the end of April for my mum and dads wedding so the sooner it was done the longer I would have to recover.

It is frustrating because I was doing so well and believed by the end of 2017 I would be up with the hard bit over but every amputee is different and some are up sooner than others. I shouldn’t complain because I don’t miss out on a lot either, things can be quite difficult to plan as it’s not so simple doing things with one leg but not all of what I want to do is impossible. I’ve still been able to go out and do different things especially New Years! I was desperate to go out and have a quality night with my friends and I was worried I wouldn’t have been able too. I often feel like a burden because not only does all this affect me but also the people around me, I hate making things difficult for people or them having to change things for me so I didn’t want to ruin their New Years because I couldn’t walk. We made it work though!!

At the moment I’m still waiting for my leg to heal before I can get another prosthetic leg. I’m hoping that within the next 6 weeks I can start to get back up again!

It’s not been easy mentally to deal with all of this. I have my good days but I also have my bad. I know it’s a long process and like I was told the other day, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

In November I finally finished my apprenticeship at Superdrug and was offered a job after it! Sadly I turned this down because I knew it just wasn’t realistic, I was in the dark about where I was with my leg and couldn’t let them down all the time! It was a hard decision to make because I loved my job and the people I worked with but hopefully once I’m back up I can eventually get back to it! At the moment though it’s just all about my recovery!!

It’s a new year and my goal is to be up by the end of it!

Chloe x

We’ve got a date

We’ve got a date

Hi everyone! I want to begin by saying thank you to everyone and anyone who has had a quick read or even signed up to read my blog. The amount of love and support I received after posting my second post was so unexpected and overwhelming and I am grateful for all of your kind words!! I knew I had some people beside me through this journey but I did not expect as many after the post, so again thank you!
This blog post is probably the one I’ve been wanting to write the most and I didn’t think I’d get to write it this quickly. After months of impatiently waiting I have a date for my operation! 
Yesterday I had a text from my mum telling me to ring her when I was on my lunch break at work. The first thoughts, which are always the same with texts like that from her, were “what have I done?” Anyway to prepare for the trouble I was possibly getting into I decided to go and stuff my face with my friend Emily at McDonald’s as I thought I may be staying in my bedroom for a while. Eventually she rang me and asked me if I was sitting down which confused me because I don’t understand simple things like that! She then told me she’d had a call from the hospital and that we’d got a date, 31st of January. Even now, I don’t think myself and Emily could even describe how happy I was. I must have looked like the biggest weirdo holding onto Emilys hand whilst on the phone nearly in tears that in 11 days I was finally having my amputation. I’m sure anyone around us at the time must have thought we were insane to be laughing and being so genuinely happy that I was having my leg amputated!! I had my pre-op appointment already booked for today (20th January) so was hoping to be told then. Going back to work after lunch and finally being able to tell them all was the best feeling. They’ve all been incredibly supportive. Although I’ve not been there that long and I’m only an apprentice they treat me exactly the same, I also think it was a relief to them to know a date as they are all aware of how desperate I am for this operation and how much I wanted to know a date! I’m going to miss them all whilst I’m recovering but it does mean that I’ll get to stay there a bit longer to do my entire apprenticeship, so sorry girls you’re stuck with me a bit longer! 
I’m currently writing this whilst on my way back from Sheffield, after my pre-op that all went lovely. It’s so weird to think this is my last journey back from Sheffield with 2 of my own legs and that next time it will all be done.

Today we got told a bit more about my operation (the aftercare and the procedure) and had to go through a few questions and that’s it now. All appointments for planning are done! No more waiting around, the next time I’ll be there will be my operation day! I can honestly say it’s the best feeling to have waited for something for so long and it finally be just around the corner! 

I am fully aware that this operation may be no miracle cure and I could land myself in more pain or the same amount of pain I’m in now but it’s a 50/50 chance that I’m willing to take. I have prepared myself for the different outcomes there may be. 
Again, I want to thank everyone who takes time out to read my blog posts and support me as I go through this journey! 

The next post will more than likely be after the operation, maybe before depending on what happens between now and then! 

Chloe, x

The journey to a new life.

The journey to a new life.

I firstly want to start off by saying that I am no expert when it comes to English literature and that I will get things wrong a few times. Please just bare with me.   Anyway, Hello! My name is Chloe, I’m assuming whoever reads this to start off with will know because I will have told them to read this, but incase someone new sees, hi! This first post may be a tad long but I am a rambler and like to get EVERYTHING across!! For so long now I have wanted to start a blog but have never really known how (I’m not good with technology) I am not even sure this will work but let’s see! 

One of the reasons I’ve wanted to start a blog is because I’m an open person, I will talk about anything and everything, that sometimes not everyone wants to hear, so in that case this is here for whoever does! I have no idea how many times I will post a week to begin with, I’m just seeing how it goes. 

Another main reason I wanted to start a blog is because of the title “The journey to a new life” I am soon to become an amputee of the right leg (below knee) due to my own choice and wanted to blog my experience. I found it difficult to find someone who has gone through it step by step and was open enough to share their story, so I’ve decided to be that person for any of those who in future needed some guidance like I did. I will explain the whole situation about my amputation in the next post as its a rather long story! 

Hopefully my entire blog won’t just be about my leg but life in general and I’m excited to see where this leads! 

If you’re still reading this now, well done you’ve made it through the first post, lucky for you its finishing. Thank you for reading!

Chloe, x